Prunning an old Apple Tree

Restoring an old tree to production takes time. It's not something which can be done as a one-shot deal. A lot of people go into old trees and prune them way back. The tree becomes nothing but suckers and water sprouts.  Plan on about three years of work to get the tree back into shape. After then basic care and annual pruning will keep your tree producing fruit. Pruning an old apple tree is like a chess game-you need a grand plan but must make an evaluation for each move (branch cut). First remove deadwood suckers and water sprouts. Than open up the tree and branches, it is told that a bird should be able to fly through the tree without any problem.  Pruning should start in late winter or  early spring before the tree leaf's out. by late winter the tree is fully dormant and won't be susceptible to winter injury.  also it will have a chance to form a protective barrier behind

The pruning cuts before insects and disease organisms become active in the spring, 

Early Apple Tree or Lodi in full bloom April 23, 2022